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The Hudson Valley weight loss system is the most advanced way to fix the cause of your weight loss issues and get the body you have always wanted.

Lose 20 to 40 (Or More!) Pounds in 40 Days – Guaranteed

  • No Exercise Needed
  • No Hunger
  • No Cravings
  • No Drugs
  • No Pre-Packaged Foods

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How are we different?

We have designed a system that will give you all of the tools to lose the weight you desire, fix your metabolism and create incredible health.

Cutting Edge Technology

Our technology gives us specific metabolic feedback to help us customize a perfectly personalized plan

Doctor Supervised

You will be coached every step of the way to ensure you achieve maximized results

Heal Metabolism

Most people are not over-weight due to an overconsumption of calories.The key to incredible permanant results is healing your metabolism

Real Food

Eating real food is key to great results and great health. Other programs can help you lose weight (temporarily), but at the expense of your health. Real food means real results for life

How it works

Our Hudson Valley Weight Loss technology in Fishkill uses galvanic skin response (GSR) to communicate with your body. Specific biomarkers are measured to determine exactly where your metabolic  weaknesses exist. Based on the information received .

Daily Coaching

 This one-on-one coaching sets us apart from other programs and helps to keep you accountable so that you can be sure to meet your fat loss and health goals.

Real Food

Many programs have you eat processed food, or count points without concern for food quality. This is the wrong approach! Real Food = Real Results+Great health!

Keep It Simple

Weight loss can be overwhelming. We’ve designed every step of the program with simplicity in mind. The easier the plan, the better chances of success.

Maybe it’s not your fault

As a result of our modern diets, Americans have become the most obese nation in the history of mankind. We are faced with more toxicity and food modifications than ever and this lifestyle disrupts hormones and makes us fat retainers instead of burners. This modern day health crisis has created a need to change the nature of how we go about weight loss. At Hudson Valley Weight Loss we have designed protocols to heal your metabolism and fix the cause of your damaged metabolism. This will allow you to lose fat rapidly and keep it off for good.

About us

Doctor Eric Ashburn is the creator of the Hudson Valley Weight Loss System in Fishkill and has worked with thousands of patients over his 18 years in practice helping them to reach their optimal health. Dr.  Ashburn Graduated from Life University in Marietta, Georgia in 1997 and moved to the bucolic Hudson  Valley to practice. Through his weekly radio show, “Maximize Your Health” he has shared the message of healthy eating, exercise, detoxification, weight loss and more for years. Dr. Ashburn has been married to his incredible wife, Nicole since 2002 and has three boys: Mason, Will and Harrison.

Most of all, Dr. Ashburn is passionate about helping people to live better, more fulfilled lives. He believes that our bodies need no help to be healthy, just no interference. With the help of the Hudson Valley Weight Loss protocols, he is living his dream of transforming lives.

Success Stories

  • “ I have tried many diets over the years and always seemed to gain the weight back. I realized I needed to do something different and found a diet that focused primarily on hormones while enhancing my metabolism. This diet worked quickly, which encouraged me to stick with it. I lost 47 pounds in 40 days. I liked that this weight loss plan had an end point. By following it strictly for only 40 days, my metabolism was reset to continue burning calories at a highly efficient rate even after I returned to my normal diet.”

    Michelle C