About us

About Us

Doctor Eric Ashburn is the creator of the Hudson Valley Weight Loss System and has worked with thousands of patients over his 18 years in practice helping them to reach their optimal health. Dr. Ashburn Graduated from Life University in Marietta, Georgia in 1997 and moved to the bucolic Hudson Valley to practice. Through his weekly radio show, “Maximize Your Health” he has shared the message of healthy eating, exercise, detoxification, weight loss and more for years. Dr. Ashburn has been married to his incredible wife, Nicole since 2002 and has three boys: Mason, Will and Harrison.

Most of all, Dr. Ashburn is passionate about helping people to live better, more fulfilled lives. He believes that our bodies need no help to be healthy, just no interference. With the help of the Hudson Valley Weight Loss protocols, he is living his dream of transforming lives.